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Arcanus Empirius
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The Arcanus Empirius

"We are the Arcane Empire"

"All Magus - We Welcome You Home"

The Dream

It is the third day of this unbelievable thunderstorm.  The waves crashing off the island I inhabit in Westfall is so powerful, it’s like the gods are at war, screaming, death rattling in the heavens.  For the third night I try to sleep but fitful dreams enter my subconscious.  They scare me.  They inspire me.  They call to me.  I see a path and I walk on it toward this light, toward this darkness, toward this little planet in the far away heavens.  I see three gods: of light, of red, of black.  I see the visions.  I see the night of the space, the night sky of the starts, the planet that is Azeroth, and I see Westfall.  I see Durotar.  I see Dalaran.  I see my home in Anvilar.  I see all this night.  Everywhere I have ever been, every experience I have ever had.  Maybe I am mad?  Maybe I am sick?  Maybe someone is trying to sign me.  I see the red and silver of the tower.  I see trees around it.  I smell the petals of roses, the wings of bats, the ears of rats.  I smell the magic.  I see the robes of the arcane all lined together.  I see the alliance.  I see the dreaded horde.  I see the magi separated, disconnected, and irrelevant.  I see one rising.  I see the magi working as one.  Good, Neutrality, Evil, I see the magic: joining, uniting, and combining us as one brother and sisterhood.  I see it now.  The importance of magic.  The yearning of it.  We die for what others only seek.  I see our destiny.  I see the tower.  I see the magic under one banner, one tower, one guild.  I see the Arcanus Empirius – The Arcane Empire.  Lets bring the honor and passion back to the arcane arts.  Let us bring the brother and sisterhood home.


Short Term Goals

 We are to have many short-term goals for the guild.

  1. To fill our vault with the most wonderful of treasures and artifacts.
  2. To help those in Azeroth that require assistance
  3. To learn from each other to grow the magic
  4. To conquer instances
  5. To build our honor and eliminate those who are threats to what we try to create

 Long Term Goals

 The long-term goal of the Arcanus Empirius is simple as it is complicated.  The destiny of magic, the destiny of the magi is to be under one roof, one guild working together to understand, grow, create, and preserve the magic.  As such, it is the long-term goal of the guild to recruit every magus – new to the arts and the most veteran of Arch Mage under our banner.  It will be hard.  It will be challenging but we must bring every magi home.

The Arcanus Empirius is a heavy role playing mage only guild meant to bring a complete gaming experience


 Promotions are based on two facets: Achieved Power and Guild Participation.  Our initial rankings are as follows:

Arcane Student – held until reaching the 10th level of power

Arcane Novice – held until reaching the 20th level of power

Arcane Disciple – held until reaching the 30th level of power

Magus – held until reaching the 50th level of power

Arch Magus – held until reaching the 70th level of power

Arcane Master – held until reaching the 71st level of power


As each magus is due for a promotion they will meet with the Arcane Emperor and discuss their participation in the guild or the contribution to magic.  If approved they will move to the new rank.  If the magi do not meet the requirements for promotion – they can again meet the Arcane Emperor after achieving two levels of power and reapply for promotion based on their most recent deeds.

Regarding Arcane Students – Arcane Students move to Novices without any need for guild involvement.  First promotions are always fun so just go and get to 10th level and become a novice.

  Once you’re a novice you are asked to start helping others on any level.  This can mean helping a lower powered mage.  Help another mage on a quest or just travel with higher-level mages providing what talents you have.

 Regarding new recruits over the 10th level of power - any magi entering the guild up to the 30th level of power will automatically be

 placed up through the rank of Arcane Practioner.  It is assumed they have had experiences on their own that are worthy of being a magus.  From this point on, their future achieved level of power and assistance to the guild and magic will determine future promotions as they strive for the title of Magus.  A Magi with the 50+ achieved level of power will begin as an Arcane Practitioner as they prove their loyalty to their magic, guild, and fellow mages.


Other Guild News

Arcanus Empirius Has a New Address!

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Arcanus Empirius has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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